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US Election 2016

Yesterday (8th of November) we visited American Corner and Art Gallery. While being there (the Art Gallery) we talked about the exhibition and observed it very carefully and also took inspiration from the art.

 After that we visited the library, where we learned about American politics. We fake voted for President of United States. We played a game of ,,Kahoot” to reflect on what we learned and Julia Deleska (with the nick ,,Karateka”) won! Then we registered in the library and borrowed books. We liked it very much!


Julia Deleska and Maja Kopczyńska

Yesterday we visited American Corner. There was an exhibition on which we watched the works of famous artists, which then we tried to guess what the author wanted to convey to us. We were allowed to touch the broken pieces of a satue. Then we were invited to the main library. Before we borrowed books we had talked to a lady from American Corner about Elections for the next US President. Next we watched a short presentation which was the introduction to the quiz. Then we voted but it was only fun for us however for Americans it was a serious matter. After everything some of us joined the English library.

Authors: Natalia Kamizela, Julia Adamczyk , Mateusz Król.